Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Shirt and Next Post

Apologies to all the new fans--haven't posted in a while.  Don't worry, I have another good one in the works...I feel like the last post was a little like childbirth.  Something so traumatic, exhausting, miraculous, and life-altering that you just have to sit back and appreciate the miracle, while also recuperating, before you try to replicate it.

Meantime between time, I just found a white women's undershirt in my room.  A dilemma.  Why?  What happens if I ask the person who I think it is, and it's not hers?  Currently, I suspect an unnamed freak in my apt complex that enjoys slipping her (clean?) clothes into the drier before I remove mine.  Past items have mostly been of the sports bra/granny panty variety.  I suppose she find this a more amusing way to get rid of her old undies than donating to the Salvation Army.  If she was trying to be suggestive, wouldn't it be sexier with a note/phone or apt # attached?  

On the other hand, this mystery item could have been legitimately left behind.  Why do girls frequently leave without all their clothes on?  I guess it's just too much shit to keep track of.  Me, I like to try to leave all of mine in a nice, neat pile, which works equally well in terms of not forgetting it on the way out and making a quick getaway.

Anyway, if you are missing a size "P" (wtf?) white undershirt made in Sri Lanka (double wtf), kindly hallelujah holla back.


COUGARpoolboy said...
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COUGARonPoolboy said...

unfortunately i am not the girl who is leaving granny panties in your dryer, but I do appreciate her and her ways.

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